It’s Day 6, Sunday, the last day of the Great Banquet.  This is a bittersweet day.  The guests are happy to go home to share with their family and friends about their weekend, but it is sad to say goodbye to new friends.  Everyone, whether team or guest has been blessed to be a part of this experience.


Our day began with scrambled eggs, fried plantain, toast, sausage (like our little wiener hotdogs in a can) and fruit.
These people slowed down long enough for me to take their picture.  Pete and Ladeana, in white, are volunteers for 3 months from January through March.  They are from Peru, Indiana.  They were here last year to volunteer too.  Pete and Ladeana do all kinds of things.  They help get teams from place to place, run errands, take care of some of the book keeping, answer questions from visitors.  They even pitched in on the Great Banquet teams for these last 2 weekends.  Mike Ginter, in blue, is the field director.  He had been the director here in the past, returned to the states, and came back last year to Jamaica.  These people are very dear servants of God.
We love being outside on the pavilion.   You can see the ocean off to the right.  Sunday, is a special day of testimonies and worship.  The weather has been cooler than normal here.  Some of us wore sweatshirts and even jackets.  It has rained off and on during the week.  Water is always precious though.  Even though Jamaica is surrounded by water, fresh water can be very hard to come by at certain times of the year.  People store water that runs off of their roof, to use later.
 The guests left about 4:30pm.  Here we are a few of the Americans at the front of the CSI mission house, saying goodbye.
Pete took guests up into Highgate, where they live and others to the taxi stop to catch a ride home.
Our supper together was a wonderful opportunity to share about our week together and the blessings we shared.
Our supper was baked spaghetti, salad with dressing and homemade bread.  We had brownies for dessert.  Breakfast will be at 6:30 am on Monday morning.  The Americans have to leave at 7 am to get to the airport in Montego Bay.  You would think every one would be head to bed early, but laughter could still be heard across the cool Jamaican breeze at 12:30 am.  Fellowshipping is always so much fun.
By Jean Merrell