Monday morning, the Great Banquet #14 Americans headed home. A group picture  was taken bright and early at 7am.

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We traveled from Cincinnati, Kokomo, Peru, Walton, Greentown, Rossville, Lake Cicott, Galveston, Logansport and  Noblesville, to meet and grow in Christ being His hands and feet.  The next group will be a work team. They are a blend of people from FL, NE, and IN. There are 29 on the team. When the Great Banquet group were dropped off at the airport; Pete, Ladeana and Mike picked up the work group. Meanwhile, back at the mission house, the 48 beds needed to be changed, laundry need to be washed and cleaning needed to be done. Three of us are staying for the 2nd week. We helped Pearline with folding towels, furniture polishing and making beds.

We drove into Highgate to buy some food items for the next group. While we were there we picked up lunch. We enjoyed patties, chicken nuggets, french fries and boxed pork lunch (pork, rice, and cabbage slaw). The work crew heading towards Highgate from Montego Bay, stopping for supper at the Jerk Chicken Centre. Pinto made homemade tacos for those of us at the mission house. The work team arrived about 7 PM. We enjoyed fellowship before an early bedtime.

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Tuesday morning we enjoyed devotions on the pavilion after a breakfast of pancakes, fruit and fried plantain with cinnamon. We broke into four groups,  each group will be building a house.

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Here is Group 1 building a house for Natalie.

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It’s so fun to see the neighbors stopping by to see what is happening. We put up the front and back walls today. We traveled by work truck and van back to the mission house. We showered and had time for a bit of relaxing until supper at 5:30. Pinto made fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, homemade bread, and chocolate vanilla marble cake for dessert. We then took two vans out for excursions. One van traveled to the Clonmel Pottery.  The other van went to the ice cream store in Highgate. Then each van drove to the other location. It was fun to see how busy the town is at night. Our devotion back at the mission house  was Jeremiah 18:1-4. It was so meaningful to see that God is shaping us just as the potter shapes his handiwork.  We are God’s priceless treasure – his handiwork.

By Jean Merrell