The Americans for the Women’s  Great Banquet #14, arrived today in Highgate, Jamaica. 16 of us traveled on 7 different flights. We thank God that we all arrived safely. Mike Ginter, the field director, and Pete Jones, one of the volunteers, met us at the airport. Our flights arrived over a 3 hour period. We left temperatures in single digits and arrived in Jamaica to lots of sun shine and temperatures in the 80’s. We were happy!


Those of us on Southwest Airlines, landing in Montego Bay. Isn’t the water just gorgeous?

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Here we are at the airport. We are standing in front of the work truck, loaded with our luggage. We then rode in the van for approx 3 hours to Highgate. We stopped about half-way for supper.

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A picture of our delicious supper of rice with peas (really that’s what they call them), cabbage and jerk seasoned chicken. The hot sauce was optional. We had a very  relaxing time as we began to get to know one another better. We are from 8 different towns.

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Here we are in front of the rest stop where we enjoyed supper. It really is called ‘The Ultimate Jerk Centre.’

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Before going to bed, Mike shared lots of important information about the guest house where we are staying, our itinerary, what bugs to watch out for and when Pinto rings the bell it’s time to eat. She had cookies waiting for our bedtime snack. We then unpacked, enjoying fellowship and laughter, excited for what God has planned for us this week. We crawled into bed, falling asleep to the cool breeze and chirping of the night time crickets.

By Jean Merrell