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CSI Ministries is a short-term missions
organization serving in Jamaica, Belize,
the United States and beyond.

CSI Ministries’ mission is to bring people close to Christ through short-term missions. We are a short-term mission agency delivering experiences for people to share Christ’s love with those they encounter. We encourage discipleship through opportunities for team members as they prepare, engage and debrief the mission experience. We serve to help local churches grow increasing their impact in their home communities and beyond. In the communities where we serve, we strive to share the redeeming Gospel of Jesus Christ and help meet basic needs for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Through our nearly 50-year history, we have ministered to more than 20,000 people in churches throughout the United States. Faithful volunteers and dedicated staff engaged Kingdom building by serving as leaders, coaches and organizers. This is accomplished through sharing God’s word and providing medical assistance, housing and other ministry opportunities with thousands more in at least 15 countries throughout the world. One of our goals is to help you assess your gifts and passions in order to identify the areas where you can best minister.


Belize Missions
Jamaica Missions
CSI North America
“If you want a new pastor, send the one you have to the mission field, for he will never again be the same.”
Rev. Herb McComas
“It’s really not about the work you do on a mission trip; it’s about the relationships that are built. Not just the relationships built with the people in Belize, but with the people in our own group. I had not spent much time outside of church with many of our team members prior to the trip. I’m glad I was able to share this experience with them and hope to do it again.”
Jacob, Age 17


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